So, who is Lindsay Graham??  A fifty-something, male southern senator?  No, no-- should you have stumbled upon this site in hot pursuit of senator LindsEy Graham, I’m sorry to disappoint, I am not he.  I am however, personality and social psychologistLindsAy Graham. 

A Longhorn through and through, I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Texas in psychology in 2008, where shortly thereafter I began UT’s Ph.D. program (advised by Dr. Sam Gosling) in quest to become a personality/social psychologist.  Greetings!... and welcome to one of my virtual spaces!! 

Broadly speaking, my research examines how personality and social processes are expressed and perceived in physical and virtual environments. With regards to expression of personality and social processes, my work explores the ways in which individuals manipulate and select their environments to fit their identities and daily lives. With regard to perception of personality and social processes, my work focuses on fundamental issues surrounding impression formation such as consensus and accuracy, and the amount of information needed to form impressions of others. ​

Enjoy clicking around and learning more about some of my past and present work! 

Who is Lindsay T. Graham?